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About Place of Gems

Place of Gems has established itself as a pioneer in the supply of gemstones and jewelry. Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, Burma  and Mosambique are only some of the destinations and famous for their rare and high quality, untreated gemstones.

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Sophistication & Quality


Place Of Gems is known for its extraordinary wealth of astonishing gemstones. We endorse an amalgamation of traditional and modern technology to deliver the best deliverable.

Found from the epicenters of gemstones in the island, we curate them with our craftsmanship to blend our level of precision.

Beautiful sapphires in bright colors, unique padparadschas, bright red rubies, shiny emeralds, rare alexadrites are waitng for you.

Sophistication & Quality


Meeting the demands of the global trends, we maintain our presence through continuous commitment to achieve standards of quality and novelty.

Choose from a plethora of elegant pieces, destined to encapsulate your stylish statement!

Trends in the Moment

2024 Collection Gallery

New collection with a lot of glamor and dedication. Our parts are developed with highest quality. Precious stones, noble metal.
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Matthew Miller

Affordable, stylish, awesome service. I just love Place of Gems!

Adrian Nelson
Thanks Place of Gems your gemstones and jewellery are amazing and your service is wonderful.
Easton Hill
Would definitely recommend Place of Gems and will definitely be ordering again.
Evan Lewis
Not only is the website so beautiful, enjoyable and fun but the jewellery is amazing!
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