Why invest in gemstones?

Market development and performance

Since 1995 the market prices for naturally coloured, untreated gemstones have at least tripled.

Sapphires , Padparadschas, Alexandrites and Rubies  have increased in value between six-fold and eight-fold in 25 years. 


Long term, rubies and sapphires have performed considerably better than both gold and DAX. Naturally coloured, untreated gemstones are non-volatile and are not affected by wordwide economic events.

Why Place of Gems?

Place of Gems is your partner for investments in gemstones, with over 20 years of experience in dealing with naturally coloured, untreated gemstones.

  • We have access to gemstones (coloured gemstones, coloured diamonds, white diamonds) of the very highest quality.
  • We specialise in naturally coloured, untreated gemstones.
  • Purchasing directly in the source countries allows attractive prices for our clients.
  • We certify our goods to the highest standards worldwide.
  • We have over 20 years of market experience.
  • We carry out exclusive, discreet searches for gemstones of every type.
  • Personal, first class and individual client consultation
  • Discrete delivery to any address incl. round-the-clock availability
  • External storage locations (e.g. duty free warehouse, high security storage)
  • Creation of individual high quality jewellery (wearable investment)
  • Organisation of suitable insurance
  • Repurchase or support with a desired resale.

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